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I apologize for the lackadaisical posting of late.  My husband’s mother has recently passed away, and we are much occupied with logistical and familial affairs.  I’ll still be posting here (of course!), but more sporadically than usual, as everything gets … Continue reading

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Resurrectus est

The Christians of the 11th century put it well: Christians, to the paschal victim Offer your thankful praises! A Lamb the sheep redeemeth: Christ, who only is sinless, Reconcileth sinners to the Father; Death and life have contended In that … Continue reading

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Bread of the World

I’ve posted this poem recently, but it bears repeating. Today is the Anglican day of commemoration for its author–Reginald Heber, poet and once bishop of Calcutta. Heber’s poetry is sung today all over Christendom, in both high and low churches. … Continue reading

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Epiphanytide is what we’re in right now. It’s the stretch between the adoration of the magi and the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, or Ash Wednesday, depending on your tradition. That’s because there’s not just one Epiphany. “Epiphany” is … Continue reading

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Now God Be With Us

Canada is in mourning. Most of my Christian friends are in mourning. You can hardly blame them. Canada has only one main media outlet (and a state-sponsored one at that), so their grasp of the US election is, shall we … Continue reading

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More Gerhardt

What can I say? Gerhardt is a poet for trying times. Commit Whatever Grieves Thee Commit whatever grieves thee Into the gracious hands Of Him who never leaves thee, Who Heaven and earth commands, Who points the clouds their courses, … Continue reading

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To the Winds

Give to the winds thy fears, Hope and be undismayed, God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears, God shall lift up thy head. Through waves and clouds and storms, He gently clears thy way; Wait thou his time, so … Continue reading

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