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Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones

This is a holiday week! The Feast of St. Michael and All Angels is on Sept. 29. In preparation, here’s an angel-worthy hymn. It was written by Athelstan Riley and published in 1906 — thus proving that great hymnody could … Continue reading

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Today is the Feast of the Transfiguration in the new Western calendar. It’s an old feast, with old traditions. The following is one of the oldest anthems for the day, written by a contemporary of Augustine. All Ye Who Seek … Continue reading

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Epiphanytide is what we’re in right now. It’s the stretch between the adoration of the magi and the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, or Ash Wednesday, depending on your tradition. That’s because there’s not just one Epiphany. “Epiphany” is … Continue reading

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From the Greek of St. Andrew

Christian, dost thou see them On the holy ground, How the powers of darkness Rage thy steps around? Christian, up and smite them, Counting gain but loss, In the strength that cometh By the holy cross. Christian, dost thou feel … Continue reading

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Hymn of the Cherubim

Let us who mystically represent the Cherubim and who sing the thrice-holy hymn to the life-creating Trinity, now lay aside all cares of this life, that we may receive the King of All, who comes invisibly upborne by the angelic … Continue reading

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This poem is written for the Iraqi and Syrian Christians who were driven from their homes by ISIS in 2014.  It focuses on the moment of the expulsion and the subsequent homelessness of the displaced Christians on the mountains of Iraq. May the Lord … Continue reading

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