More Gerhardt

What can I say? Gerhardt is a poet for trying times.

Commit Whatever Grieves Thee

Commit whatever grieves thee
Into the gracious hands
Of Him who never leaves thee,
Who Heaven and earth commands,
Who points the clouds their courses,
Whom winds and waves obey,
He will direct thy footsteps
And find for thee a way.

Thy truth and grace, O Father,
Most surely see and know
Both what is good and evil
For mortal man below.
According to Thy counsel
Thou wilt Thy work pursue;
And what Thy wisdom chooseth
Thy might will always do.

Thy hand is never shortened,
All things must serve Thy might;
Thine every act is blessing,
Thy path is purest light.
Thy work no man can hinder,
Thy purpose none can stay,
Since Thou to bless Thy children
Wilt always find a way.

Then hope, my feeble spirit,
And be thou undismayed;
God helps in every trial
And makes thee unafraid.
Await His time with patience,
Then shall thine eyes behold
The sun of joy and gladness
His brightest beams unfold.

O faithful child of Heaven,
How blessèd shalt thou be!
With songs of glad thanksgiving
A crown awaiteth thee.
Into thy hand thy maker
Will give the victor’s palm,
And thou to thy deliverer
Shalt sing a joyous psalm.

Give, Lord, this consummation
To all our heart’s distress;
Our hands, our feet, e’er strengthen,
In death our spirits bless.
Thy truth and thy protection
Grant evermore, we pray,
And in celestial glory
Shall end our destined way.

~ Paul Gerhardt (1656), composite translation. These verses only constitute half the hymn. They’re usually sung to the Passion Chorale, which is more familiar to most of us as “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded.”


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From the Gawain poet to Rainer Maria Rilke: I love traditional poetry.
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