An Easter Psalm

Psalm 45

Of the King of heavenly beauty
I will sing an anthem rare:
Lily of the Valley is he,
Fairer than our flesh is fair.
Where He is, the sweetness fully
Of all graces gathers there.

Gird Thyself with kingly glory,
O Thou mighty among men:
Every foe shall fly before Thee,
Every knee to Thee shall bend.
Righteous is Thy reign, and holy,
And Thy kingdom shall not end.

All Thy garments smell of aloes
From the halls of ivory,
And Thy passing presence hallows
Every heart that longs for Thee.
Where Thou art, the virgins follow
And rejoice surpassingly.

Let me think upon no other,
Let me find no other fair:
I will leave my earthly lovers,
Father’s house and worldly care,
That this King beyond all other
May receive and love me e’er.


About middlingpoet

From the Gawain poet to Rainer Maria Rilke: I love traditional poetry.
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