Ascension Day

Leave me alone, and let me look
Into that bright enticing blue:
The floor of heaven, as if I knew
What feet walk there, or what they do.

We hear of four-faced Cherubim
And spirits in the shape of wheels
With eyes of fire around each rim
Like chariots on heaven’s hills.

The seraphim with burning coals
Hide deep beneath their six-fold wing,
Their feet and faces as they sing
To all but Elohim unseen.

And somewhere, like a mountain range,
The martyrs march a million strong,
Stamping and chanting as if their song
Had crushed the serpent these ages long.

Abraham sits beneath his tree
And nurtures in his bosom wide
The souls of men as the sands by the sea,
And leprous Lazarus who died.

Four horsemen wait, and from their steeds
Proceeds a restless bitter breath;
They smell the scent of human deeds,
They answer with the sweat of death.

The Lamb amasses on the Mount
Ten thousand chariots of fire,
To take, when time has drawn us nigher,
Hell by force, Earth by desire.

For Christ went up into that sky
Long, long ago (such years have passed!),
And though its arc be high and vast,
He must come down again at last.

So leave me alone, and let me look
Into that bright enticing sky:
For they must come, or else must I
At last go up to them on high.


About middlingpoet

From the Gawain poet to Rainer Maria Rilke: I love traditional poetry.
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