Psalm 37

Let no evil thought distress thee,
Let no fretting grieve thy peace.
Fleeting is this little hour
Til all evil things shall cease.
Fear no bitter fleeting hour,
For all evil things shall cease.

God the Lord is well ordaining
All that harms or grieves thee here.
Fools or fiends may now be reigning:
Trust the Lord and do not fear.
They shall fade like flowers at evening
Nevermore to blossom here.

Now the world may speak thee evil,
Now all evil things befall,
But thy judgment stands forever
With the Lord who judges all:
He shall justify forever
Faith and hope and labors all.

Strife and ills are here ordained us,
All the trials of the blessed:
Though we fall, our God maintains us,
Strengthens us and keeps us fast.
He has destined and ordained us
More than conquerors at last.

They who seek a holy treasure
Shall be granted what they seek:
Heart’s desire beyond all measure,
Peace and gladness of the meek.
Love’s great fire shall pass all measure
And shall beautify the meek.

Glory let us give and blessing
To the Father and the Son
With the Holy Ghost, confessing
Holy threefold love in One:
All creating, all redressing,
God alone while ages run.


About middlingpoet

From the Gawain poet to Rainer Maria Rilke: I love traditional poetry.
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3 Responses to Psalm 37

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  2. James Anderson says:

    I found this excellent poem at the end of the above letter to my college acquaintance Chris Leavell. Has anyone set it to music yet? I’m a church musician and composer and would love to write a tune for it, if you’re willing.

  3. middlingpoet says:

    Thanks for the kind words, James. You’re welcome to set it to music if you like. The creative commons license here covers any not-for-profit uses/adaptations, but if you need specific permissions for profitable ventures too, I’m happy to give those as well. Just email me at middlingpoet[at]gmail[dot]com.

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