The King Shall Come

Today is the last Sunday before Advent. I didn’t realize until I began attending a Lutheran church that the church year begins with Advent and concludes with the return of Christ and the day of judgment. So today is the Sunday of Christ the King, the final celebration in the church year.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *

The King shall come when morning dawns,
And light triumphant breaks;
When beauty gilds the eastern hills,
And life to joy awakes.

Not as of old a little child
To bear, and fight, and die,
But crowned with glory like the sun
That lights the morning sky.

O brighter than the rising morn
When He, victorious, rose,
And left the lonesome place of death,
Despite the rage of foes:

O brighter than that glorious morn
Shall this fair morning be,
When Christ with all His saints shall come
And we His face shall see.

The King shall come when morning dawns,
And light and beauty brings:
Hail, Christ the Lord! Thy people pray,
Come quickly, King of kings.

~ John Brownlie, 1907


About middlingpoet

From the Gawain poet to Rainer Maria Rilke: I love traditional poetry.
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